About us

Artur Kalinowski

The founder of the Retrowood brand

“I urge you to transgress the convention,
because originality is more interesting than repetition”

The founder of Retrowood is Artur Kalinowski.

He created a new brand, which in 2007 offered its customers a wide selection of wooden articles for the first time. First of all, picture frames and clocks. The material from which the products are made comes from old borderland cottages. Wood is not accidental but carefully selected.

The history hidden in the products helps to create an atmosphere at home that hypnotizes and spreads an aura of originality. Each product is different.
There are no two identical because they are made of a material naturally shaped by time. Modern technology, excellent quality confirmed by numerous awards, allows the company to export its products to various countries.

Retrowood products are a combination of modern design, innovation and functionality. The love and passion with which the manufactory was created is centralized in one of the most beautiful corners of Poland, Janów Podlaski. They draw inspiration from the views of the Nadbużański Landscape Park.

We guarantee natural warmth, beauty and the smell of wood placed in objects that will fill the house with an old atmosphere in a refreshed setting.